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Don’t be bitter, glitter!

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We recently had the pleasure of inviting Ellie into our studio for a fabulous fashion shoot experience after her mum had bid on one of our auction prizes for an event at Putney High. Of course we don’t do things by halves here so we began the day by pampering Ellie with full hair and makeup (which she LOVED – who doesn’t like to have a bit of star treatment for a day?) and expert advice for day-to-day wear from our stylist.

We always recommend bringing along lots of favourite pieces for these shoots so your photographer can style the looks and tailor the shoot perfectly. After doing just that with Ellie, we set up 4 totally different looks along with great tips on how to pose and get the very best photos possible.

Teen photoshoot London SW3

It was so much fun and we even got creative with fresh roses whilst Emy dangled high up on a ladder to get the perfect shot for Ellie. Yousee, we didn’t just want to create some ‘nice’ photos…we wanted to create something a little bit different and artistic that no-one else has that would look stunning hanging up on Ellie’s bedroom wall.

Fashion shoot experience for teenage girls

When we asked Ellie about how she would describe the experience to her friends, she mentioned, “It was very relaxed and I didn’t feel like it was being rushed.”

Ellie was a blast to have in the studio so we decided that it would be great to find out a little more about her and share it with you as well as sharing some of her and our favourite photos from the photo shoot.

Fashion shoot for teenagers in London

A bit about Ellie:

 Q) Who is your favourite band or singer?

A) Dave Moisan


Q) Favourite book?

A) Romeo and Juliet


Q) Favourite subject in school?

A) Drama


Q) Favourite place to shop (can be on-line)?

A) Topshop or Boohoo


Q) Favourite place to eat out?

A) Yo Sushi


Q) Favourite make-up brand and specific item of make-up?

A) Sleek


Q) What are your hobbies?

A) Horse riding


Q) Favourite quote?

A) Don’t be bitter, glitter!


Q) Favourite celebrity?

A) Audrey Hepburn


Q) Any final thoughts about your shoot?

A)  “THANK YOU!!! Thank you Emy! I had so much fun two weeks ago. Thank You – Ellie”