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Photo albums for future generations

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In the era of Instagram and Facebook, could photo albums a thing of the past?

‘We’ve printed photo albums, but we never look at them, I think we’ll go for the digital images.’ This a phrase we hear all too often at photography studios now. The question we would then pose would be, ‘Who is it that we are creating these photo albums for?’ We can’t help but think there is value in having a beautifully designed and printed memory to keep.

There was an article published in the Telegraph, written by Julia Llewellyn Smith, that perfectly summed up how we feel on the subject. We want our children to be able to sit down and open up an album to uncover photographs from their family’s past, learn their history. Llewellyn references our children as the ‘lost generation’ – an era of people, currently fairly young, who risk losing these magical images of their childhood and with it, a strong sense of their history.

Julia Boggio children's photographer

We rely so heavily on technology to keep our most precious memories safe when all we have to do is simply print them. Photos taken on phones or digital cameras that are then stored on hard drives are more often than not, forgotten about, due to the sheer volume of images being taken.

‘I’ve lost so many memories because we break a phone before backing it up or lose a memory card. Irreplaceable pictures of my cousin, who died young and unexpectedly, are gone forever,’ says my friend Sarah, 46. ‘We just don’t show the same respect to a virtual image as to something tangible. By the time we realise its value, it’s often too late.’

Do it for your family and future generations

Our advice to you? PRINT your photos. Make the album (or better yet, let us make the album!). Your children will thank you for it – maybe tomorrow or maybe in 10, 15, 20 years! Probably both. Read the full article from the Telegraph, here, and let us know what you think.

Interested in our albums? Contact us to speak about creating an album from your portrait shoot or to discuss our Family Book package. Ring us on 020 7042 9777 or email us on