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One reason why you should ALWAYS work with children and animals.

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We have recently been getting more and more requests from our clients asking whether they might be able to bring in the four legged members of their family for a family portrait shoot.  As we have started to photograph more and more pets as part of the family shoot it has opened up a whole new focus for our photography.  Pets are such an important part of every family so is seems only right to include them in the family portrait, which will be up on your wall for years to come.

Toddler & Dog sat on vintage suitcase

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Gemma who had heard about us from her membership at Cupcake in Putney.  She was very keen to book in a shoot for her 16 month old son who is at such a great age.  She then said that she “was super excited when I received your email about including dogs.”  (They have a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Matilda who is absolutely beautiful.)

Individual shots of toddler and dog sat on vintage suitcase

Gemma brought her little boy and Matilda in for their shoot with our photographer Hollie.  We all feel in love with them both as they came into the studio.  Her little boy was super smiley and Hollie adored his “fro”.  Matilda acted like his big sister and was so well behaved.  They both followed instructions beautifully and Hollie captured some adorable images.

Dog and toddler sat on vintage pepsi boxes

Gemma said that “Hollie was an absolute star, she was very accommodating and professional”.  The whole shoot was “fun, relaxed and perfect and there was a lovely fun atmosphere throughout the hour of the shoot.”

Headshots of dog and toddler

Do you have a much-loved four-legged member of your family who you would love to be photographed with you?  Bring them in, we’d love to meet them and create some gorgeous pieces of art for your wall.

Fun Questions:

How old are your child & dog? My son is 16 months, Matilda 5 years

What breed is your dog? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

What’s their favourite toys? Piano (son), Ball (Matilda)

What’s your child’s favourite books? The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

What’s your favourite children’s book? Noisy Farm

What’s your dog’s favourite food? Licking roasting dishes 

What’s your favourite parenting advice? Let them be children.

What’s your best piece of advice for having both a child and a dog? Include the dog, don’t make them compete for attention.