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Pet portraits with Blake the Border Terrier

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At Boggio Studios we pride ourselves on creating memories for you to look back on in years to come. This pet portrait session with 11 year old Blake the Border Terrier was booked to ensure some really great recent pictures that show him as the fun loving happy boy he is.

The shoot went extremely well, with Blake and his owner feeling quite at home at the studio.

“When Blake, and I, arrived at the studio he was welcomed and allowed to look around, for him that means saying hello to people and sniffing every where! Everyone was friendly and pleased to meet him, his tail was wagging and he felt quite at home”
Barnes-Pet-Photographer Chelsea-Pet-PhotographerEric was the photographer and selected some back drops and props before the session that he felt would work really well with a Border Terrier.
“I agreed with everything he had chosen, he was so in tune with my thinking and what Blake would look good with, it was brilliant, it also helps that Blake is quite well trained and will do anything for a bit of carrot or fuss!”

Wimbledon-Pet-Photography Wimbledon-Pet-Photohrapher

Fun questions:
How old is Blake?
 Blake was 11 in May this year, I have had him since he was 10 weeks old.
What’s his favourite toy?   He has many toys, his favourites are the teddy he sleeps with, a screaming monkey and pig called Grunty.  He is not really a ball dog, if you throw one for him to fetch he gives you a look of disgust as if he would lower himself to play fetch!
What’s his most quirky and/or endearing behaviour?  Blake loves my stepdaughter and he will do anything for her, when she was younger he had to sit through many a tea party with her teddies and dolls and empty cups and plates. Last Christmas she wanted a romantic dinner with him like in Lady and the Tramp, she had spaghetti and he had his usual biscuits but with gravy on for a treat, they were sat a the table, not something he is ever allowed to do, and it took him a while to realise he was allowed to eat what was in front of him!  Because we don’t have her all the time, when she isn’t with us he will lay on her bed and wait for her to return, when she is with us the first person he likes to check on in the morning is her.
What’s your top dog advice tip?  I guess my top advice would be treat your dog with love and respect, they are only with you for a short time but you are with them their whole life.
Where’s your favourite spot to take him in London? Blake hasn’t always been a London boy, he is originally from Sunderland, we then moved to the Essex country side. We moved to London 3 years ago and are lucky to have such great walking spaces on our doorstep, he enjoys Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common daily.  He has also been on buses and trains and one taxi ride!

If you would like a pet portrait session for that special family member, get in touch to book your studio time.