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What to expect from a studio newborn shoot

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Location vs studio, in the end you have decided to go with a studio newborn shoot – here’s what you can expect

We love having newborns into the studio. As a member of the team here at Boggio Studios (and not having wee ones of my own) there’s something pretty magical about meeting so many special little humans in their first few weeks. For myself, and everyone else at the studio, we feel incredibly honored to be able to capture the first portraits of your little one in their newborn shoot.

Family portraits with a newborn

We love when you’re organised.

These shoots are best planned and booked well in advance. Hopefully you’ve had your 20-week scan, everything is going well and you looking to get things organised (if this is indeed you, you are my favourite!).

We recommend that the newborn shoot take place in the first 10 days of the baby’s life. When babies are in those first few weeks they spend a lot of time sleeping and still curl up into very sweet poses (many of which you can see in our gallery). After about two weeks babies will begin to sprawl a bit more and start stretching their arms and legs and will not be as amenable to curling up for a portrait or sleeping as soundly as they may have done earlier.

We’re flexible.

We are well aware that babies arrive when they please (most of the time!). When you organise your shoot with us (around the time of your 20 week scan ;-)) we will pencil a date in the diary and simply keep in touch as the date approaches and schedule accordingly. As soon as he or she arrives, just give us a ring so we can confirm it with our photographers.

We allow enough time for photographs and feedings.

We leave at least two hours for a newborn photo shoot; it all will depend on your little one. In order to get those beautiful sleepy newborn shots it is important we take our time and allow for baby to be fed, changed, and settled. It is important that there is a lovely calm atmosphere during the shoot – we aim for this to be a relaxing experience for everyone involved.

We can help you style your newborn shoot.

More often than not we take naked shots of the babies so there is no need to bring a large selection of outfits for them.  Of course we will do some family shots with the baby in an outfit so you can bring something for the baby to wear but the most adorable newborn shots are the naked ones where you can see them curled up with their very cute hands and feet.  If you do choose to bring an outfit for the baby then make sure it doesn’t swamp them as you don’t want to lose them in the clothing.

We often recommend bringing a change of clothes for mum and dad.  Babies have a tendency to pee, poo and puke during the shoot.  (Every baby does this so please don’t worry about it, we’re used to it. : ) ) This can happen on our backgrounds/blankets or on mum and dad.  Our backgrounds/blankets can be cleaned up easily but you may not want to travel home in dirty clothes after the shoot

Clothing for mum and dad – we recommend you wear dark clothes as these always look very classic in the shoot.  We like to do skin on skin shots with each of you and your little one (if you are comfortable with this) so wearing tops that are easy to remove are good options.

We also suggest that you bring spare nappies, wipes and formula if you are bottle-feeding.

Newborn and fatherNewborn shoot using beautiful props and outfitsStudio newborn shoot at Boggio studios

We would love to hear from you.

Be sure to get in touch with us at the studio and Rebecca would be delighted to answer any questions you might have about your shoot. In the meantime, you can peruse our galleries and get a feel for what your preferences are and even what you could do later in baby’s first year.

Call Rebecca on 02070 429 777 or email us on

Welcome to the world little one