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Newborn portraits with Baby Boy Boggio

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Say hello to Julia’s latest arrival and have a look at his first newborn portraits

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Boggio! Newborn portraits – we’re not sure if you are exactly thrilled to be in front of the camera yet…

Julia Boggio and her family

After many years of trying, James and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy. Our daughter is absolutely loving her new role as big sister. She particularly likes the idea of changing his nappies (but not the gross ones).

He was born 3 weeks early by c-section. When asked whether it was an emergency or not, I describe it as being planned at very short notice. The consultant and I decided to induce early because I seemed to have an ever-growing list of problems, including high blood pressure and obstetric cholestatis (a liver issue that makes your skin go itchy). The final decider was when my bile acids went through the roof in my last blood test; normal levels are 0-14. They usually induce at 40. Mine were at 89.

So we induced…and the baby turned transverse, which means he was laying across my belly, having previously been in a perfect head-down position. After chatting about the options, we decided the c-section was the safest option.

Those who know me know my obsession with The Sound of Music. Many women create a playlist for their baby’s birth. Mine is pretty easy: just get Frauline Maria to sing do-re-mi on repeat until the job is done. My daughter was born to “Something Good”. My son came out to “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” – both are very fitting songs for birth. I’m just glad neither was born to “The Lonely Goatherd”.

Newborn photography LondonMother and son newborn portraitfather and son newborn photossibilngs portraiture LondonJulia Boggio baby number two

Both Baby and mommy are doing well. He’s already getting his fair share of time in front of the camera (you can see some of his first newborn portraits below!) as I am determined not to let him fall victim to the second child syndrome when it comes to photographic evidence.

Thank you for all the good wishes we have received so far.

Creative newborn portraiturefox themed newborn photo shoot