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The Baby Born on the Bathroom Floor

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Newborn Baby on an antique chair with chandelier

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is newborn babies. Recently, we were visited by Anca and her family who saw our stall at a fair. “We instantly fell in love with the pictures – not only were the shots of exceptional quality; but we loved the props used and the whole ‘ambience’ surrounding the photographs, books, framed portraits and staff!  We loved the fact that it was not just merely unoriginal, run-of-the-mill newborn pictures, but that the photographs had a true artistic quality. In addition – the staff were friendly and welcoming; happy to answer any questions and patient enough to allow endless browsing through the examples.”

Mother smiling and holding newborn baby close

Anca had originally planned on coming into the studio to do a pregnancy shoot because she had fallen in love with our images, however her little one had other plans!  Anca’s waters broke a few weeks early and she rushed into the hospital where they checked her over and sent her home saying; “You’ve got loads of time, call us in the morning.”  On returning home Anca found herself going into labour rather sooner than planned and within 20 minutes had given birth to their miracle daughter on the bathroom floor!  Pieter, Anca’s husband, was on the phone to the emergency services whilst the ambulance was on its way, I think it was definitely a day neither of them will ever forget!

Father holding newborn baby aloft

With their little one making an earlier than expected entrance into the world Anca and Pieter decided that it was only right to celebrate her arrival with a gorgeous newborn shoot at our studio.  They were such a dream to photograph and their little one made all of us in the studio extremley broody!

Father holding newborn baby and rubbing noses

We talk to a lot of families about why family portraits are important to them. This is what Anca had to say: “Life happens so fast. You blink…and half the year is gone. Often, this fast pace of life results in many of our memories (photographs, wedding memorabilia etc) ending up in the loft somewhere, and never making it into that special photo album. Making memories is very important to us – we cherish family life above all else and were determine to capture our first baby’s early days in a special way that would enable us to enjoy and share with loved ones in years to come.”

Studio photo shoot of newborn baby sleeping on top of 3 vintage suitcases

Anca booked one of our amazing make-up artists to come in and make her look beautiful for her shoot. Anca says, “I loved feeling pampered and spoiled by getting my hair and make-up done by fabulous Natasha. The pace was relaxed and at our daughter’s pace – we did not feel rushed and were spoiled throughout with refreshments.  Katy was fabulous – giving advice on how to hold my head at the right angle, etc. We felt like true celebrities.” At Julia Boggio Studios, we understand that most people don’t have modeling experience, so we are experts at advising people on how to stand or move, to get the best out of their shoot.

When asked how she would describe us, Anca glows with positive feedback. “It’s a very professional studio with a wonderful artistic flair, yet relaxed  – all the ingredients to make for a truly special photographic occasion…that is even before seeing the fantastic end results.

“Katy was our photographer.  She was very friendly, and patiently answered all my numerous questions whether by phone, email or in person.  She was very good with our daughter – knowing just how to calm her and keep her relaxed during the session.  Katy’s advice was very valuable and I really appreciated her taking her time with us – we never felt rushed.  She was the integral part of what made our session so special and memorable.

In three words, Anca describes us as “indulgent, memorable and fun.”

Naked mother and father cradling newborn baby lovingly