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Samsung Galaxy Test: Week 2

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For this week’s Samsung Galaxy Camera Challenge, I decided to go Christmassy (surprise surprise). One function that I think people use a lot is the macro function, for taking close-up pictures, so here are some tests I did.

M&S Santa ornament, Imageloger

I started off with this Santa ornament from M&S. I set the Macro function on the camera and then positioned the camera about 10 inches from the decoration. As you can see the image is quite sharp and there is plenty of detail. The only post-production I did was in the Camera’s Photo Wizard (boosted exposure a little bit).

3 nutcracker tree ornaments

Next, I decided to go a little bit closer with these nutcracker ornaments. At this point, I was about 8 inches from the subject. Again, the image is crisp and clear.

Coca Cola ornament for Christmas Tree

For my final macro image, I went even closer (6 inches) on this tiny sack of Coca Cola bottles. Again there is a nice clarity at the front of the image and the back of it goes nicely out of focus.

I also took the Galaxy on a last minute shopping trip to Westfield Mall to see if there was anything interesting to capture. I thought this Ted Baker window to be particularly festive (nothing says “Christmas” like a fat snowman in a g-string).

Ted Baker window display at Westfield, Santa with a g string

And finally, I had to take a picture of the Samsung-sponsored ornaments above the ice rink in the middle of the mall.

Samsung decorations at Christmas

Happy Christmas to everyone and I’ll be back with more Galaxy goodies in the new year!

All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung (Samsung GALAXY Camera), which has been provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.