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Lights. Camels. Action!

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What do you get when you have an aspiring model from Essex, Julia Boggio behind the camera, and an oasis in the middle of the desert?

A whole lot of pretty, that’s what.

When Boggio Studios’ creative director, Julia Boggio, went out to Dubai on a working holiday, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to shoot some images that it would be hard to get in Britain.

She met up with aspiring model, Rachael Ostrowicz, who was in Dubai visiting her make-up artist sister, Hannah, and the shoot was born. Rachael says, “I was hoping to get some photos to build up my portfolio and being in Dubai was the perfect location!  Also I wanted the experience for myself as a new model. “

Julia met up with the sisters at their flat in Dubai before heading out to the Bab Al Shams Hotel & Spa in the middle of the desert. “I wanted a location that had desert, camels and beautiful architecture. I knew of Bab Al Shams because I was supposed to do a shoot out there a few years ago, but it didn’t happen – partially because I fell pregnant with my daughter. I’ve wanted to shoot there ever since. And I will definitely be staying there next time I’m in Dubai – it’s AMAZING.“

“We created all the editorial looks out of clothing that Rachael and Hannah already had,” Julia continues. “We decided to keep it really lo-key, with just the three of us out on the shoot.”

Hannah from Hannah Lisa Make-up did a fantastic job with Rachael’s hair and make-up. “I really want Rachael to build a strong modeling portfolio. I think an important part of that is showing her natural beauty, so I kept her makeup natural whilst adding a touch of Arabia into her eyes with some smoky brown and bronze tones.”

They all had a great time on the shoot and Rachael particularly liked the camel ride. When Julia first told her that she was going to be riding a camel, Rachael was dubious, but threw herself into the shoot with gusto. “Wow, I never expected to be riding a camel and at the same time doing a photo shoot. I must admit I was quite nervous at first, but I loved it! What an experience!”

Julia loved working with Hannah, who was so professional and created beautiful make-up. Hannah, who has been living in Dubai for 6 months, has been a make-up artist for 4 years. “I took a short course at LCF; however, that was only 5 days and just an intro to the basics. The rest is either self taught or picked up from the many fantatic MUAs I’ve assisted over the years!” It sounds like there’s lots of work for make-up artists in Dubai, so it was a good move for Hannah.

Likewise, Hannah and Rachael enjoyed working with Julia. “It’s nice to see a photographer who gives direction and makes the model feel at ease,” says Hannah.

So without further adieu, here’s what happened when Innocent & Wild photography went to Dubai.

Dubai-fashion-shoot02 fashion-photographer-in Dubai01Dubai-fashion-shoot01Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai06fashion-photographer-in Dubai03 fashion-photographer-in Dubai02 fashion-photographer-in Dubai04 fashion-photographer-in Dubai05 fashion-photographer-in Dubai06 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai01Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai03 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai02 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai04 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer-in-Dubai05 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer01 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer02 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer03 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer04 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer05 Wimbledon-fashion-photographer06The teen years fly by so fast, gift your teen and yourself with a fashion shoot at our studio or on location, and capture those special years.  These shoots can instill confidence and pride – see our Teen years portfolio.

Contact us here for your Teen fashion shoot.