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The Puppy Who Stole the Shoot

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We have always loved shooting families and their pets. Since we started promoting them a little more we have been inundated with families and couples wanting to bring in the four-legged members of their family.

Young Couple with their new puppy

Often when you hear about a family shoot you think about children and their parents.  At Boggio Studios we like to celebrate families of all shapes, sizes and varieties so when Neil called us to say that he wanted to bring in his wife and 7 month old puppy Mylo in for a shoot we knew it was going to be a good one.

Puppy wearing a top hat and bow tie lying on suitcases

Nazia had previously booked to come in for a Vintage Boudoir Shoot as a wedding present for Neil.  “I had so much fun doing the Boudoir shoot, and the results were so great, that when I heard about the pet photo shoot, I couldn’t resist!”

Mylo is a very special little puppy and we all fell in love with him as soon as he came into the studio.  He had been pampered at  4 The Love of Dog in Putney for his shoot so was preened to perfection and looked very handsome.

Portrait of a cute puppy

“Our puppy Mylo is 7 months old and was very sickly when we got him.  In fact we were worried that we might lose him.  As he has slowly come through his illness he has blossomed into a right little character.  He has such a happy little dog with a mischievous disposition and he charms everyone he meets.  We loved the idea of the Pet Photo shoot and getting to celebrate how precious he is to us with Julia Boggio Studios, especially getting him pampered and preened at 4 The Love of Dog in Putney first.  We knew we would have a great day, all three of us!”

Neil, Nazia and Mylo were a perfect little family and they wanted to come in to capture this moment in their lives.  “Beautiful photographs, captured as art, are simply a wonderful way of celebrating your life with the ones you love.”

Couple with their puppy

We had a lot of fun in the studio.  I did the shoot with them and was so impressed at how well-behaved Mylo was.  He was full of character but sat still when he needed to and we had lots of fun with the props. I think Neil and Nazia loved them as much as we did.  “The studio is simply fabulous and all the props are great fun, seeing Mylo run around in his little bow tie outfit was wonderful. We were both a bit down in the dumps about returning from our holiday the night before and this was the perfect way to cheer up.  We had so much fun.  As I had been before, I knew what to look forward to!”

puppy lying on the floor looking at the camera

We asked Nazia and Neil to sum up their time in the studio with us.  Nazia said “It is not just a photography studio but an experience.   We had a wonderful day and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, especially if our family grows!  Katy was the consummate professional.  She had great ideas and was incredible with Mylo.  My husband was a bit nervous in front of the camera but Katy put him at ease and got the best shot of the of the set with him and Mylo!”

Puppy sat on vintage suitcases wearing a bow tie

We can’t wait to do more family shots with Nazia and Neil in the future.

Fun questions

How old is your dog? 7 Months

What breed is your dog? Cavachon (King Charles Cavalier X Bichon Frise)

What’s his favourite toy? An already very grotty stuffed dog teddy called (imaginatively) ‘DogDog’

What’s his favourite food? Salmon and also anything we are eating!

What’s your favourite advice for owning a dog? Research the breed you are interested in.  Knowing what they need to happy a happy and comfortable life with you is incredibly important.  They will become a part of your family after all!


If you are thinking that you would like to create some similarly gorgeous images of your family then we have a very special offer this month.

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