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One Man and His Dog

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Today’s post is a family of the week with a twist. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Boggio Studios? We have a video treat for you today.

poodle portrait photography As our pet shoots become more and more popular, Keith Maynard and his gorgeous standard poodle Isis, visited us from South West London TV.  He brought along his film crew to capture the shoot so that they could document it online and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share it with you and show you what goes on in our Wimbledon Studio.

We met Keith at the Mint Polo event in Hurlingham Park over the summer.  James and him hit it off straight away and Keith had fun in our mini pop up studio. Keith said “I was immediately struck by the fresh contemporary style of the images and the just how welcome I was made to feel.”montage of mint polo in the park

Thanks to our very own Charlotte Hodgson for these great photos from Mint Polo in the Park.

Keith was very keen to come along to our studio in Wimbledon with his beautiful poodle Isis.  “Photographs capture a moment in time that will never happen again. I want to remember some of those moments with those who are important to me.”

man and his poodle

We all fell in love with Isis who was a dream to photograph. She is still young so was excited but was so beautifully behaved and really obedient.  Julia created some stunning portraits of both Isis on her own as well as with Keith.

Black and white photo of a poodle

Keith loved his day in the studio.  We asked him to sum up his shoot for us. “Julia and her team were so friendly and enthusiastic. Everybody was interested and we were made to feel like we were important and valued. Watching Julia work with her camera was like watching an artist with her brush. She was fun, creative, informative, kind and skilful.”

3 sillhouette headshots of a poodle

“Boggio Studios is a fantastic family studio were creativity and kindness help create photos you will love forever.”

Black Standard Poodle sitting

Fun questions

How old is your dog? 10 months 

What’s her favourite toy? My old hiking sock

What’s her favourite game? Fetch

What’s her favourite food? Tomatoes 

What’s your favourite piece of advice for owning a dog? A dog is the only thing in the world who loves you more than he loves himself.     

I’ll now hand to Keith from South West London TV to tell you about his time with us at our studio in Merton Abbey Mills. Look at this great behind the scenes video.