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How to Prepare for your Shoot

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If you have booked or are thinking about booking a portrait shoot with us, we sincerely want you to enjoy your time at our studio and to get images that will be personal to your family for generations – that is after all, what it’s all about!

In order to do that, we often ask for your help. We often find the more thought that you put into the clothes you are wearing, general appearance, and the personal items you bring, the more your images will speak to you.

Get in contact with our team today to book your own personal photoshoot

A photo shoot is an experience. You are working with a photographic professional to create images that tell the story of your family. For that reason, it’s worth getting excited about it and putting plenty of effort into your pre-production. To help you, we’ve put together a few helpful hints gleaned from years of photographing families.

Fun Family Photographer London - Boggio Studios


This is one of the most important ingredients in creating great images. When mum turns up with her hair in a ponytail and tired eyes and dad is dressed in his “comfortable” clothes, it’s pretty hard to create timeless, amazing portraits (unless, of course, that is the look you are going for).

Here is some simple advice on how to look fantastic in your shoot:
Coordinate. Use the colour wheel below to help you put together a colour scheme for your clothing. Colours that are opposite each other or right next to each other work really well.

Alternatively, shades of the same colour work great, too. Whatever you do, please do not come in wearing the exact same outfits. Just…no.

Colour wheel for photo shoots

Use Pinterest. Start pinning styled fashion images where you like the look of the outfits.

Check out Julia Boggio’s “What to Wear” board over on her Pinterest page.

Go shopping. The images we are making will be in your family for a long time, so it’s worth getting exactly what you want.

Do your hair and make-up. If you are in need of a haircut or colour, please have it done at least a week before your shoot. Get your nails done – this is a special occasion, after all. Even if wearing lots of make-up isn’t your thing, just a little bit can help define your face for the camera. If you would like a hair & make-up artist to do it for you, please let us know and we can arrange it.

Balham Family Photogrpaher - Boggio StudiosNatural Family Shoot at Home London - Boggio Studios

Bring options. It is not unusual for families to turn up with multiple suitcases full of clothes. Giving our photographer options is a good idea because he or she will know what works best.

And finally, please come prepared to be in the pictures with your children. You are creating memories for them and they really don’t care what you look like. They just care that they love you.

Traditional Family Studio Photographer London - Boggio StudiosLocation Family Photo Shoot Dulwich - Boggio Studios


Although we have many, many, many props in the studio that help give images a styled look, we also love it when people bring along items to make the photos more personal to them.
So what could you bring? Your child’s favourite toy, storybooks that you read, sporting equipment or anything pertaining to a hobby, family heirlooms, or food you like to eat. Whatever you can think of that would inject your family’s unique personality into the shoot.

Tennis Themed Family Shoot Wimbledon - Boggio StudiosWimbledon Themed Family Shoot - Boggio StudiosStyled Child Photographer Shoot Wandsworth - Boggio Studios

Largest prop we’ve seen
A children’s cooker
Most off-the-wall prop we’ve seen
A wok and home cooked Chinese meal
Sweetest prop we’ve seen
Boy/Girl (blue and pink jelly filled) donuts from Krispy Kreme for a pregnancy shoot

Halloween family photo shoots uk - Boggio StudiosStudio Family Photo Shoot Wimbledon - Boggio StudiosBaby Photography Shoot SW London - Boggio Studios


For families with small children this is an important one, we want to be able to get the most out of your little one during your session. For this reason, it’s wise to schedule the shoot in at the time of day when they are happiest – so we would advise that shoots are not booked around nap time or lunch.
Wimbledon-Village-Photo-Studio Wimbledon fine art photo shoot - Boggio Studios Unique Family Photographer SW London - Boggio StudiosTeenage Family Photo Shoot Wimbledon - Boggio Studios Teen Fashion Photographer SW London - Boggio StudiosLondon Fine Art Photography Studio - Boggio StudiosFine Art Family Shoots London - Boggio Studios Fine Art Childrens Shoot UK - Boggio Studios Family Studio Wimbledon - Boggio StudiosClassic Family Photo Shoot SW London - Boggio Studios

Please do let us know when you would like to book in for your session and we will be glad to start planning your session with you and your family.

Get in contact with our team today to book your own personal photoshoot