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Grown up Family Portrait Sessions

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At Boggio, we specialise in family photography, not only for families with small children in tow, but all ages!  Making memories is important at any and all times of your life – why stop when the children have grown up and left home?

Pamela and her family found Boggio Studios after looking online and after reading reviews and seeing images of the space, it looked like we would be able to give the professional experience that they were after.  Pamela, her brother and her mum came in for a shoot to celebrate her birthday.


Pamela describes portraits as a way to build a memory and hold on to a certain phase in our lives. People grow up and move on and it’s great to be able to capture a specific time and be reminded of it. This was their first family shoot ever and were a little nervous and frazzled when they arrived.  Our photographer quickly put them at ease and they were delighted to be greeted with  friendly faces and a professional, relaxing environment.  

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Pamela thought it was fabulous to work with a photographer that had a ‘keen eye.’  As with many families that visit us, the family didn’t have loads of experience in front of the camera so direction throughout the shoot and teaching the family loads about how to pose properly resulted in some great shots and the exact look they were going for. 

Please get in touch for your family portrait shoot – all ages included!