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Cool as a Cowboy

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Speaking with Hollie, who photographed this family, she says, “The baby was the coolest little dude I’ve ever seen. He never cried and he sat there just looking at everyone like he was thinking, ‘Why are you all making funny faces at me?’”

In honour of his super-cool attitude, we decided to give him the cowboy treatment. I’m sure you’ll agree that he looks very cute. Mummy Annelieke said, “When we came across the studio’s stand at a show, we immediately loved the display and the examples of other families’ photo shoots.

Baby cowboy in photograph at Julia Boggio studios

“We will be leaving the UK in a couple of months to return to the Netherlands. After having lived here for almost 7 years and with two little additions to our family, we wanted to have a memory of our time here. At first we thought of buying a painting of London. But a photo with the British flag as background creates a real nice memory, and it is far more personal!

“Although this photo will look dated when our children grow older, we can show them how we all looked during this phase of our lives. I still love to see old photos of my mum and dad with 60’s glasses and outfits. I hope our children will feel the same when they are older and are browsing through family pictures.”

We love having fantastic families like this in the studio. It’s important to us that they have a good time and enjoy their time with us. Annelieke continues, “We felt very welcome and loved the experience of the photoshoot. There was no time pressure and we could take a break to ensure our children stayed happy and we were looked after well.

2 year old girl and her teddy bear at Julia Boggio Studios

“Hollie, our photographer, was very nice and patient and came up with good suggestions on positions to take and came up with a few of the many objects available to add to the setting.

“Our experience was memorable in three ways: first the shoot, second the images and third as a good memory for our children in the future.”

Thank you for your kind words, Annelieke! And good luck with your move back to the Netherlands!

Fun Questions
How old are your children?
2 years and 7 months
What’s her favourite toy? Our 2-year-old’s favorite toy is her teddy bear named Edgar (he actually appears on a few shots)
What’s her favourite book? All books from Charlie & Lola
What’s your favourite children’s book? I love the signed copy I got for my daughter from Julia Donaldson’s The Paper Dolls
What’s her favourite food? They both love mangoes!
What’s your favourite parenting advice? Give your children space to take their own initiative and support them so that they can grow into confident little human beings.

Dutch Family standing in front of British flag at Julia Boggio Studios, London