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The Little Rock Star

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We love doing family photo shoots in our Wimbledon Studio. Every family who comes in brings their own personal stamp to put on their shoots and we love being creative for them whilst creating stunning images that we know they will treasure.

little boy rock star poster

This week’s family were so excited about coming in for their shoot with us they were tweeting us their excitement before they came in.  Lucy has a gorgeous blog called “Dear Beautiful” which tells the story of her family life. She met Julia though the blogging world and had known about our studio for a while.

“I’ve admired Julia’s photography on blogs (including her own I Carried A Watermelon) for some time now and I’ve always been impressed with how gorgeous and relaxed everyone always looks. The shoots always look really fun and natural but at the same time really styled and trendy and I couldn’t wait for my family to get the “Boggio Studios experience”.”

family group in front of union jack flag

Some of our families come in to capture a special occasion and others come in because they are keen to get some gorgeous family portraits and know they can do it in a fun way with us.

For Lucy and her family she said,  “It wasn’t a special occasion, but we were fast approaching my little girl’s first birthday and were excited to get to record this last baby stage.”

little girl sitting in a vintage suitcase

“I could talk all day about why family photos are so important to me. I started my blog to share photos of my children, and this year I made it a bit of a personal mission to take more photos of us as a family. There is something so amazing about capturing a photo of us all “in this moment”. I just know that in years to come, it will be photos of us all as a family that will be the ones we like looking back at most. I love seeing how our relationships and personalities are reflected when we are photographed together.”

Stephan loved doing the shoot with this gorgeous family and had a lot of fun creating some gorgeous photos of them all together. He is brilliant with children and was able to make them feel relaxed and at home from the moment they walked in.

family of four

We asked Lucy to tell us about her time at their shoot.  “The best bit of our experience in the studio was just some incredibly relaxed we were made to feel. It can be a bit stressful at times, trying to get two small children to perform, hoping that they are on top form, and that we might look half decent too. But we felt in such safe hands the whole time, and little boy just felt like he had a great time playing: I’m not sure he even really realised he was there to have his photograph taken.”

I’d say “If you want some really great photographs taken, in a really fun environment, then Boggio Studios is definitely the place to go.”

Father and son playing

We have a fantastic team of photographers in the studio who all love to take special photos for every family who comes in for their shoot.  Lucy loved spending their time with Stephan.

“He was great. His way with the children was just amazing; he managed to keep their attention and interest. And he was really clear with us adults about what look he was going for and what he needed us to do. I also loved that he gave me a couple of sneaky peeks from the back of the camera, so I didn’t go away wondering how it had gone.”

Baby girl and her mum

To read about Lucy’s time at our studio take a look at her blog post here.

We loved creating some fun shots for Lucy and her family. We particularly loved creating the fun art image of Little Boy as a rock star on his own tour.  This is something we can create for your family.  Give us a call if you want to find out more creating some stunning art work of your children.

Sum up your shoot in 3 words: “Fun. Special. AMAZING.”

A little more information about our Dear Beautiful family.

My little boy is 2 and a half, my little girl just turned one. His favourite toy is his ride on scooter, hers in anything that she shouldn’t be playing with!!! Our favourite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, My Mom Snaps and The Gruffalo. Both my kids favourite food is pasta, swiftly followed by from age frais. And my best parenting advice is to just go with the flow: you may be big and they may be small, but they hold all the power.