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Family of the Week: A Wet Photo Shoot in Clapham

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On a rainy morning in June, just after the Jubilee, I headed out to Clapham for a wet, but fun family portrait shoot. Even better I had already photographed their family a couple years ago and it was wonderful to see them again. As Kelly (the mum) said, “We had some fantastic pictures last time and wanted to add to the family gallery. We have finally finished renovating our house and the walls are rather blank, also our children are growing up so fast, so we wanted to have some new visual memories.”

Photography shoots are a great thing to do with kids on a rainy day

First, we headed out to the park, despite the horrid weather (is there any other kind, lately?). “We very rarely take photographs at home,” Kelly lamented. “Unfortunately, our son is technology mad, so as soon as you take the camera out, he spoils the moment by entering a tantrum until he gets to hold the camera. Thankfully, he didn’t do this with Julia he knew who was the boss! In general, we have very few photographs, which is a real shame as I think photographs will help our children remember their childhood.

“Our shoot was very memorable and I’m amazed Julia managed to get the shots she did. At the time it felt like a disaster, but we had lots of giggles about it afterwards.  I just hope Julia was not too traumatised.

Photographing brothers and sisters by Julia Boggio

“The weather was misbehaving, as were our delightful children.  After purchasing new outfits and bribing them both to wear them, they were unfortunately drenched and miserable within two minutes of heading outside. I was trying to shield Julia and her camera from the rain whilst the two children were running off in opposite directions – one towards the duck pond!

Fine art childrens portraiture in Clapham and Battersea by Julia Boggio

“Our daughter was in her element as she is a born poser. She got to dress up in the beautiful tutu and jump on my bed (something she is never allowed to do) so she was chuffed.  Our son unfortunately does not care much for having his photograph taken. Hopefully, once he is big enough for Julia’s funky dressing up box, all this will change.”

Styled photos for children

When asked how she would describe us, Kelly said, “Modern photographs that can be as simple or as kitch/retro as you like!” Love it! Thanks, Kelly.

And now to the fun stuff…

What’s you son (2) and daughter’s (4) favourite toy? They both are cuddly teddy mad. He is quite loyal to Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. She has a new one each week What’s his/her favourite book? The Gruffalo and Pippi Long-stocking
What’s your favourite children’s book? Percy the Park Keeper
What’s his/her favourite food? Pizza and Pasta
What’s your best parenting advice? Have a bigger age gap than 22 months between your children!

Family portraits in Battersea by Julia Boggio


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    1. Thanks, Martin! We all had a lot of fun and the family have ordered some amazing frames. Jx

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