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Photographing Katy and Trey

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Katy Hill and Trey Farley in front of Union Jack with their children, Julia Boggio Studios


I met Katy Hill at BritMums Live in June. She was one of the keynote speakers and easily handled the room full of blogging mums with wit and charm (no easy task!). And can you believe it: she mentioned 50 Shades of Grey in her talk and it was the first time I’d heard of it. Do I live under a rock or what?!

Trey Farley and his son at Julia Boggio Studios

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Afterwards, we had a chat and I instantly liked her. Katy is down-to-earth and funny, and utterly gorgeous on top of it. You may have seen Katy on the telly in her Blue Peter days or on Daybreak. She also writes a regular blog for iVillage. Recently, I caught her in a commercial talking about Arm & Hammer toothpaste. I must say, I didn’t have to do any whitening to her teeth at all in Photoshop!


Needless to say, I was thrilled to get the chance to photograph Katy and her beautiful family in my Wimbledon photography studio. Her lovely husband, Trey Farley, is also no stranger to the TV, having been on MTV in his younger days and continuing to make a name for himself as a documentary producer. You can read more about Katy and Trey on their website.

Katy, Trey, Kaya and Akira are no strangers to a camera, which can be both a great thing and a nerve-wracking thing for a photographer – the latter because they’ve worked with many photographers in the past. Katy said, “I loved the atmosphere Julia managed to create since she put everyone totally at their ease. I’ve worked with lots of photographers in almost 20 years in Television and I can honestly say she’s the first who truly ‘gets’ how to handle kids!” Wow, Katy, thank you! Did I mention I love you? I had to put that in bold!

Girl posing with chandelier at Julia Boggio studios

I loved that they turned up with loads of changes of clothes and were so ready to have fun when they arrived. That’s the best way to approach a family photo shoot; attitude is key to getting great images. And it was also fantastic that Katy understood the importance of good family photographs. “As a busy working mum of 2 children I try to get the balance between living life and capturing it,” Katy shares. “I don’t want our life to be ‘life through a lens’, but, equally, I want amazing photo memories for all of us.  Since it’s usually me who takes the photos, the sad reality is that I have loads of amazing pictures of my kids – with OTHER people!  Very few of them with me. That’s why we booked the family shoot with Julia and it was AMAZING and totally surpassed all our expectations. She was amazing with the kids, didn’t over work everyone, made it fun AND even managed to get gorgeous pictures of my 3 year old son Akira who was determined not to play ball! [Ha ha – that’s true. Julia] Julia’s also brilliant at getting the best out of everyone.  Even though you’d think I was a seasoned professional, I always get nervous for shoots, but Julia helps everyone to know where and how to stand, and has tons of props to keep it fun for the kids.  I can’t thank her enough for our gorgeous family portraits. They truly make me want to cry.”

Katy Hill and Trey Farley with their children wrapped in sheet at Julia Boggio Studios

As a mother myself, I feel passionately that capturing my child as she grows is essential. Katy agrees, “Family portraits are important to me because it goes SO fast!  It feels like yesterday I was holding my daughter Kaya for the first time, and now she’s 6. I want to try and capture the ‘essence’ of our family at every stage.”

Trey Farley and his daughter photographed at Julia Boggio Studios

Katy goes on to say that being photographed at Julia Boggio Studios is “a must-do family experience!  Every family should have amazing portraits as you can never get that time back again. Julia totally ROCKS!  Seriously – she’s amazing in every way!  It was the fastest yet most effective shoot I’ve ever done.”

In three words, Katy describes her experience as “vital, fun and memorable”. Well, I’m feeling completely high on praise right now. Thank you to the wonderful Hill-Farleys for coming in and being amazing subjects.

Katy Hill and Trey Farley jumping with family in front of Union Jack at Julia Boggio Studios

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And some fun questions:
What are your children’s favourite toys?  Kaya (6) loves dolls right now and our wooden playhouse and Akira (3) loves cars and marbles
What are their favourite books? They love the Slinky Mallinky range!
What’s YOUR favourite children’s book? The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Loved it as a kid and my kids love it now.
What’s their favourite food? Most things – but my American Pancakes on a Saturday morning are always a huge hit! [Yummy, can I come over? Julia] What’s your best advice for parents? Just live it and quit worrying about the right/wrong way to parent or what everyone else is thinking.  Everyone’s just muddling through like you are!


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