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Julia Boggio on The One Show

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Julia and James will be on the tele this Friday for BBC’s The One Show – tune in!

Ten years after they inadvertently started a worldwide craze for choreographed first dances and 12 years after getting married, Julia and James are still getting requests for interviews about their Dirty Dancinginspired first dance. On February 12 there was an interview with Julia in the Sunday Mirror Notebook and this morning they were being interviewed by The One Show for their weekly programme on BBC.

Julia says, “This is hilarious. We’ve done a lot of really great stuff in our lives, but we’re going to be remembered for our first dance. They’ll probably still be interviewing us about it when we are on our death beds.”

When Julia and James put the video on You Tube 10 years ago, You Tube was in its infancy. They put it on there to show it to friends in America, without any thought about what might happen next. Then James’ cousin sent it to his friend at the Metro and it went from there. Next thing they knew, they were sitting on a couch with Dave Gorman, Adam Buxton and Richard & Judy, followed by BBC News, Sky News, Australian morning TV, ITV News…pretty much everyone. Every newspaper carried the story in the UK and many around the world, too. If you can imagine, it was an extremely odd time for Julia and James and the whole thing felt surreal – and then Oprah called. 

On The Oprah Winfrey Show, they were asked to appear because Oprah was doing a whole show about You Tube, with guests including P Diddy, Paul Potts, the founders of You Tube and Tyson the Skateboarding Dog. Never in their wildest dreams did they think Patrick Swayze would turn up to dance with Julia (and do the lift with James). But he did! 

You can view a medley of other press they have had, including their appearance on Oprah here

Tune in this Friday at 7pm to see them on The One Show. And please forgive them for the bad dancing. Again. 

Also please note strategically placed BOGGIO magazine on the table during the interview. 

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