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Gone are the Yummy Mummies…here come the Couture Mummies

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We have recently started offering a wonderfully luxurious photo shoot for mums and their little ones and it has gone down a storm.  At Boggio Studios we love the opportunity to make everyone who walks through our doors feel like a glamorous star.

couture mum and young son cuddling

We are all very passionate about photo shoots with parents and their children because these are the photos that the little ones will cherish as they get older and have families of their own.  With this in mind Julia came up with our Couture Mummy shoot, a shoot where the mum comes in and is pampered for an hour in hair and makeup before being transformed into a mummy goddess.  We then dress her in a stunning gown and take some wonderful portraits of mum on her own and then with her little one(s).

Earlier this year, we were contacted by Marnie, a US-based client who makes sure to visit us when she’s in the UK. Her little boy is now 6 years and she was keen to get another shoot to remember him at this age before he got any bigger.  She had seen the offer of our Couture Mummy shoots and thought this would be the perfect shoot for them both to do together.

young boy dressed in union jack flag and crown

“I chose it after seeing an email from you all for Father’s Day gift ideas. I loved the idea of me looking glamorous in a beautiful gown with my son, as we don’t have many pictures of the two of us, and most importantly looking couture!  I also realize as I look back at pictures of myself and my son, we look so young – we age and change so quickly I wanted to capture a professional portrait (before I get older!).  Also my Grandmother had a painted portrait done of herself at around the age of 40.  I have it hanging in my bedroom and LOVE it.  She is gone now, but her portrait keeps the memory of her fresh in my mind.”

couture mum and young son cuddling

Julia really enjoyed working with Marnie again; it’s always so lovely when our families come back again a few years later for another shoot.  Marnie loved returning to our Wimbledon photography studio, too. “I LOVE working with Julia. It was our second time with her. Her talent is amazing to watch from the outside, or other side of her lens, then seeing her work is something you have to experience for yourself as it is hard to explain.  I love that she transformed fabric and a belt into a beautiful gown!  Also, she has my son jumping off a box in a cape or holding an airplane and captures him in flight- brilliant!”

little boy flying in the air like superman on a union flag background

Like most people Marnie was a little nervous about being in front of the camera, but after some pampering and time to relax in the studio she loved it and looked absolutely stunning. “I loved the transformation – though was a little camera shy. I felt I could take the time to look my very best and capture the moment in a portrait I love. “

Beauty shot of mum in couture gown

A few weeks later Marnie came back in to view the images and adored them. “I fell in love with a few of the images as there were so many great ones.  I love the ones of my son and me as we really don’t have many photos together.”

We loved doing the shoot with Marnie. It was great to get some gorgeous photos of her and her son together as well as some of them on their own as well.  I think you will agree that Marnie looks absolutely stunning and her grandchildren are definitely going to love having these photos hanging up in their homes.

young boy playing with a union jack flag

Marnie summed up her time with us, “Julia was our photographer again this time. I would like to say Thank You!!! Your talent is such a special gift – we look forward to working with you again in a few years.  Boggio Studios is a warm and friendly space, they are able to capture the best of you and your family for a timeless portrait that you will love!”

Sum up your shoot in 3 words:  Fun, Glamorous, and Fabulous


We couldn’t say it better ourselves.