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A Couture Portrait Studio Shoot with Kelly Innes

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Kelly is a blogger (The Domestic Goddesque) who had won a competition with us through Brit Mums, to have a Couture portrait shoot.

We asked women to tweet photos of them selves to us and we would pick a winner for a glamorous Couture Portrait shoot at our Wimbledon Studios.  Kelly was the lucky winner and although a little apprehensive about coming in for the shoot she was wowed by her transformation.  Kelly said herself that it’s not something she would have thought about doing off her own back and certainly didn’t think she would win the competition.

Kelly came to our Wimbledon Studio for her shoot and we had a brilliant day with her, she was so much fun and her experience with us is the perfect example of why every women should come for a couture portrait.

We asked Kelly to tell us a little bit about her shoot with us, she also blogged about it on her own blog so please go and have a read of that here, “How a Photo Shoot made me realize that I am beautiful.”

Having great portraits is really important because it reminds me that I am a person in my own right, not wife-of, mother-of, owner-of and that I do occasionally wear something not made of fleece. 

The shoot experience was remarkable. I took almost all of my clothes off in front of total strangers yet felt remarkably calm. I felt I was amongst friends. It didn’t matter at all that I had a few too many pounds, or stretch marks, or bags under my eyes. It mattered that I had fun, felt free, felt beautiful. 

Couture Portrait Photographer Chelsea Couture Women's Portrait Photographer Wimbledon

Kelly’s transformation had a wonderful effect on her own confidence and self belief, if this is what we can do with every woman who comes for a shoot then we will ecstatic.  Women need to believe that they are beautiful regardless of size, background, age etc..

Kelly initially thought that having a photo shoot was a vanity exercise but her shoot with us changed her mind.

I had a whole afternoon that was about me. Not play-dates and school uniform and laundry and home work and “Mamma can you help me? Can we do this? I want to do that! ” But about me. I left feeling better about my image of myself, my opinion of myself, than I have for years. I got home and looked at myself in the mirror and, for the first time, probably since I had the children, I believed my daughters when they told me I looked beautiful. 

Wimbledon Vintage Couture Portrait Photographer Vintage Boudoir Couture Photography Wimbledon

Kelly was thrilled with the final images, in particular one image.  “There was one image: I ordered a copy for my husband. I saw me being genuinely to-the-bone happy. I haven’t seen much of that in the mirror lately. It can remind him that I do look happy, I do smile, I do dress nicely. I do have a cleavage 🙂 “

Julia herself did the shoot with Kelly and they both really enjoyed the afternoon, laughing the whole way through.  “Julia was great, made me feel comfortable, let me make fun of her ideas so that I could feel better about doing them. Ultimately, she made me feel like the starlet I see in the images. I’d just like to say thank you. You bought me back to myself.” 

Fabulous Women's Photographer - Wimbledon Couture Photography

For anyone thinking of doing a Couture Portrait shoot Kelly says,  “Do it. Not for anyone else, do it for you. The experience, the day feeling special and cherished and beautiful is worth it alone. But the images are amazing: they look exactly like you and yet nothing like you all at the same time. They make people look at you in a different light. Mostly though, they will make you smile to yourself every day. They will change your life. “

Kelly’s 3 words to sum up her shoot: Utterly Life Changing.

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