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Couples Photography in Hoxton

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Something different to do on a date

Anna and Nick are my ideal kind of client: fun and a little bit crazy (although I think Nick accused me of the latter a couple times, too). We met up in Hoxton for an I Love London photography shoot, as a pre-wedding celebration.

The day may have been cold and drizzly, but we still managed to have a blast. Anna, who I personally think has an Anne Hathaway-ness about her, was especially enamoured of my red hat, so she wore it in most of the photographs.

Pre-wedding photography in Hoxton

Nick, who was having bad dreams the night before about being photographed, came out of his shell amazingly well and really threw himself into the experience with gusto. These guys were fabulous. I also had the privilege of shooting their wedding the following week in the Cotswolds (more on that later).

Fun day out in London

I Love London shoots are a great way to explore the city. Lately, we’ve been receiving calls from tourists who think that a photo shoot is a fun thing to do in London while they are here. I agree.

How does it work? Well, we normally meet up somewhere like Hoxton, Borough Market, Spitalfields, Southbank, or Notting Hill, and we simply take a walk. When I see somewhere I think would make an interesting photography location, we stop, I pose the couple (naturally), I shoot, we move on. The shoot lasts about two hours and, by the end, we’re all in need of a drink, but in a good way.

Find out more about our I Love London shoots on our website.

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