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Christmas Baking with the Kids

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Get in the festive spirit with some easy Christmas baking with your family

Baking with kids sounds like a lot of work, especially Christmas baking. It’s the most hectic time of the year, but also the best time to spend with family and friends.

I loved getting involved in some way in the kitchen as a small child (even if it was just to stir and/or eat the cookie dough!). It’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids so keep it easy and get them excited about helping you out in the kitchen prepping treats for all of those parties you’ll be attending this month.

Strawberry santas and Christmas trees

Strawberry Santas

I’ve been seeing these for the past few years and I still adore them. Not only are they dead simple to create but the result is incredibly sweet. If you’re making them for a party, have your little one make a few for your household and they can go wild on the icing 😉

Strawberry Christmas Trees 

More strawberries, this is our attempt to keep it fruity and pretend they are healthy.

Christmas baking for kids

Oreo Snowmen

Another bite size treat, because let’s be honest, you will eat dozens of them (as well as everything else on this list!).

Marshmallow Reindeer baking

Marshmallow Reindeer

Quick and easy is the name of the game. These are a perfect low-mess sweet snack for the kids at all holiday parties.

Christmas baking with the kids made easy

Melted Snowman Biscuits

A clever spin on simple biscuits that will have your little one giggling along the way.

Christmas pudding baking idea for kids

Teacake Christmas Puddings

Cheating? Maybe a little…but how perfect are these?

Christmas cupcakes in London

Cakes by Robin 

Okay this is actually cheating, but we’re not sorry. If you’re short on time this could be the answer… the delicious answer you’ve been looking for.

The possibilities are endless for baking during the holiday season. Keep it fun and simple when the kids are involved and even snap a few photos – or better yet, have us come along! Baking is a fun activity for everyone and can make for a brilliant storytelling shoot. Have a look at shoot Julia did last year with a fabulous mum and daughter duo here.