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Fun in the Pumpkin Patch

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October is the month for Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoots – Limited Availability!

Have you ever done a Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoot? If not, you haven’t lived! Pumpkin shoots are wildly popular in America – it’s the time of year where my Facebook feed is full of orange (no Trump joke intended). Boggio Studios can bring you beautiful shots, full of vibrancy and energy, that will put a smile on your face every time you look at them.

children playing in pumpkin patch

Last weekend, I wandered down to the pumpkin patch with my daughter and her best friend. I love taking them on shoots together, especially as they no longer attend the same school and it’s important to us to keep their friendship fresh. You may remember their lavender field shoot from two years ago, where they assumed a perfect Dirty Dancing pose á la Baby and Johnny without any prompting from me.

boy and girl, aged 5, sitting in pumpkin patch

Not only did the pumpkins make a fantastic photography backdrop, but it also inspired their little imaginations to run wild. I believe they were looking for a venus flytrap, an evil sorcerer, and a princess. I enjoyed listening to their chatter as I captured their relationship on camera.

children carrying pumpkins

Many people choose autumn as their time to update their family portraits. We have extremely limited availability for pumpkin patch shoots this year and that October clock is ticking. For more information about our location shoots, please call Rebecca on 020 7042 9777 or email us.

boy and girl in pumpkin patch, age 5

You can also purchase pumpkins after the shoot to take home and carve in time for Halloween. And for those who are brave, try making pumpkin pie!

children playing in pumpkin patch

siblings cuddling in pumpkin patch

I loved getting pictures of these siblings together. Baby Boy Boggio is already becoming a pro in front of the camera.

best friends playing in pumpkin patch, age 5

You can view other examples of our autumnal photography in our past posts on “Autumn Photo Shoots” and “Annual Location Photo Shoots.”