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How do I Dress my Family for Great Group Photographs?

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Over the past year we have seen some truly wonderful families in our Wimbledon based photography studio.  In this blog post we look at some of our best dressed visitors, and advise you on how to prepare outfits for your group shots.

It can be tricky dressing your family for photography, particularly when you consider that the images taken will potentially be mounted on walls, and admired for years to come. Whether you are looking for a timeless outfit, or character filled fun, here at Boggio Studios we are happy to advise.

BS14_Evans_058bestdressedblog copy

Complimentary Colours

This family recently came by, and asked for beautiful portraits of their son and daughter. We couldn’t help but notice how wonderfully their outfits complimented each other! Bright leggings and a quirky moustache print t-shirt bring a great modern spin to this shoot, and stand out beautifully from our grey background, and colourful chairs.

When dressing your children for family photographs, consider the outfits as a series. Do they work in unison? Does anybody stand out unintentionally? This example is wonderful, as both children are wearing tops in different shades of grey, and coloured trousers. They fit beautifully side by side, without matching identically.


Tutus and Top Hats

These lovely ladies were fans of ballet!  At our family photography studio we have a great selection of hats and tutus for you to play around with.  But this doesn’t mean you cant bring accessories!  We love to see your favourite hats, shoes, jewellery, the more personality the more personal your portraits.

With this outfit pairing, the girls colour co-ordinated outfits are an added bonus!


Matching Brothers!

Sometimes it is best to play it simple. In this family shot, the brother’s matching tops, and their father’s dark grey jumper work wonderfully. The bright colours help the children to stand out from the charcoal background, and add a splash of fun and informality to the picture.

For more photoshoot tips, including props to consider, and how you can improve your own photography keep an eye on our blog, and for daily advice, laughter and love follow us on twitter and facebook.