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A Vintage Boudoir Studio Shoot

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We get a lot of women who want to do boudoir shoots with us while on holiday in the UK. I was thrilled that Helen wanted Boggio Studios to do this shoot for her in our London studio while she was visiting family in the UK from Australia. Not only was she a lovely person and great fun to talk to, but Helen was also my first amateur bodybuilder. You can see her amazing arms in many of her photographs.

Helen says, “This was a great excuse to look glamorous for a few hours and I now have plenty of photos to put up around my house.”  She has always loved dressing up and wanted to do a 50’s photoshoot, which is why she chose Boggio Studios, the experts in fun and glamorous vintage boudoir shoots. “The whole experience was great from beginning to end, everyone was super friendly.”

She absolutely loved her transformation for the photo shoot.  “I wish I had the patience to curl my hair more often.” Don’t we all, Helen!

Before and After shot done at Boggio Studios. Vintage Boudoir Shoot in Wimbledon.

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Boudoir Photographer Chelsea

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Some Fun Questions:

1. Who is your favourite designer? I don’t have one, but my favourite singer is Prince.
2. What is your favourite movie? Purple Rain
3. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Sandra Bullock
4. What is your favourite time of the year? Summer – proper hot summer when I don’t have to wear socks!
5. What is your favourite book? I haven’t been reading much lately so I’m not really sure at the moment. Either crime novels or crappy romances would be my preference.
6. On a girls’ night out what is your favourite drink? It depends, I usually drink vodka with water and fresh lemon/lime as it seems to make me less bloated than a lot of other things.
7. What is your favourite food? Hot Asian food, preferably from a local street seller in Indonesia for about $1.
8. What are your must have 3 items of makeup that you carry in your handbag? I don’t wear make up but sometimes there’s lip balm in my bag if I’ve been playing lots of music.

Photos are for life, and with Boggio Studio you get what you pay for – good quality pictures, professional friendly service and a whole lot of fun.   Contact us here to book your studio portrait shoot.