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A Very British Pin up Shoot

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I’ll start off by saying I work at Boggio Studios and I’ve always loved the idea of doing a pin up shoot. The 1950s is by far my favourite era for fashion so it was a lot of fun to get dolled up and play dress up with all of the amazing costumes. And let’s be honest, buying Christmas presents is tough – why not hit two birds with one stone and have a fun morning and afternoon while creating the best present ever for your special someone?

The best gift you can give your boyfriend this year LondonChristmas photoshoot London

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It was such a treat to spend the morning with Julia as the ‘model.’ I see clients have this amazing experience all the time so it was fabulous to enjoy it for myself. I also love having my hair and makeup done (mostly because I’m completely rubbish at it myself) so having Beth on the shoot was brilliant.

In a world that allows you to take a million horrible photos of yourself (I’m no selfie queen but it might happen on occasion), it’s quite special to have beautifully finished, professional portraits taken.

My absolute favourite portraits of my grandparents are on the wall of their sitting room from when my grandmother was a singer and my grandfather was in medical school – stunning, classic black and white photographs. These pin-up portraits are so fun and equally glamorous so I would hope that one day my grandchildren will see them and love them in the same way.

I’ve also started a bit of an expat blog recently so this was a great opportunity to get some fun shots for my blog, Mushy Peas & Me.

blogger vintage boudoirJulia Boggio Boudoir photography London1950s glamour headshotRAF themed pin up

I am by no means a model or someone who completely adores having their photo taken but with Julia, Beth and Vanda taking care of me, I knew I would be in good hands. I think the results speak for themselves, I absolutely loved it! Make sure you have plans after your session, you will look too good to stay home.

It’s always a good idea to have a look at the type of looks Julia can do with you to see what you prefer (we have a few in our boudoir photography portfolio if you want to have a look). It’s all about finding the looks that will suit your body type, accentuate your curves and bring out your best self. Julia’s fantastic with working with you to find out what you would be most comfortable wearing and what would look fabulous – with a massive closet of options, this was tons of fun.

Windy pin up look

I loved the shots taken in the blue swimsuit on the yellow background. It was the first look we did and the one I was the most nervous about (baring my pale white legs and all!) so I was both surprised and delighted with how they turned out and how I felt about them. I’m a huge fan of the colour palette of these shoots, but the yellow with the blue worked really well I thought.

Charlotte Hodgson Boudoir shootLondon photoshoot SW3

Deciding on outfits is all well and good, but modelling them is whole other kettle of fish! Julia is pretty much the Queen of Boudoir. She knows the poses that look good, end of. So when you quickly realise modeling is trickier than it looks, BE STRONG AND HOLD IT! I promise it will look perfect in the portrait.

Vintage makeover Bethany Swan Hair and makeupLas Vegas pin up

This is a perfect gift for girlfriends/ partners/ wives. If you aren’t sure about the pin up look, don’t forget about the types of Boudoir that the studio offers including Superhero, Marie Antoinette, Bridal, Couture or a bit of everything (the Cinderella shoot). It’s really a day of fun and pampering and the opportunity to have some stunning portraits taken. And in my case, a chance to play with the most British dog, Arthur the Corgi – oh yeah, dogs are welcome!

Pin up shoot with a corgiPatriotic vintage boudoir photoshootCharlotte Hodgson with Julia Boggio

Ladies, this does not need to be a gift from a significant other by any means. Treat yourself! Happy (early/belated) Birthday 😉

Best. Day. Ever.

Have a look at some behind the scenes footage from my boudoir shoot by the lovely Vanda Santos.

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Fun Questions:

Who is your favourite designer?

Rachel Riley (children’s fashion is just better!)

What is your favourite movie?

Three way tie: Robin Hood – The Royal Tenenbaums – An Affair to Remember

     What is your favourite time of the year?


What is your favourite book?

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

On a girls’ night out what is your favourite drink?


What is your favourite food?

Sushi or Vietnamese