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Birthday party fun in London

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Plan your little one’s birthday party in advance and enjoy the day (for once!)

Planning birthday parties can be a highlight for some parents’ calendars (Julia for one – have a look at her daughter’s party from last year) but for many, it creates a lot of stress. What is supposed to be a fun day with the family becomes a busy, overwhelming, full on work day, not ideal for a special event.

Over the years of capturing birthday parties for clients, we’ve found there are a few key areas that are relatively simple to have covered by someone other than yourself that give you enough time to take in the day without becoming completely frazzled.

1. Photography

Now, coming from us, this seems fairly obvious and it is. We know your new iPhone takes incredible photos and you might even be a budding photographer yourself with a DSLR, so why would you need a photographer? Simple. You will not be a part of the day if you are behind the camera. You will be focused on getting the perfect cake shot, those shots with granny and every other relative who has come to the party and not enjoying every moment with your child. By allowing us to capture the details, the guests, the perfect cake shot, you can be present on the day.

2. The Cake

We believe that you’ve watched every single episode of the Great British Bake Off and perhaps you have a new recipe you would like to try, just save it for another day! Having the birthday cake made will take a huge weight off your shoulders – plus, you will know you have enough for the amount of guests and it will look spectacular. There’s only one place to go to make all your sweet dreams come true, head on over to Cakes by Robin and discuss themes or ideas for your bespoke cake. Along with their cakes being second to none, we’re pretty sure they have seen it all so you will be in good hands.

Stuck for theme ideas? Having covered so many parties, the team has put together an inspiration page where you can browse possible themes for your party with cake designs to boot. Have a look here and don’t forget to use Pinterest to gather your ideas.

We especially love the current unicorn craze that seems to be sweeping the globe.

Cakes by Robin

Cakes by Robin LondonCakes by Robin cookies

3. Party Planning

If the idea of planning parties makes you want to turn and bolt in the opposite direction, we have an answer for you. Party planners. Of course, we don’t mean just any party planners, we highly recommend checking out our friends at Les Enfants to cover your event. The team can sort everything out from the venue, to styling, entertainment and catering. They also have a huge inventory in children’s party supplies available for hire, should you wish to finishing touches on your party yourself.

Birthday party ideas for all agesJulia Boggio party photographyJulia Boggio birthday event photography

Get in touch to book in for party photography asap to avoid disappointment. We also recommend getting in touch with both Cakes by Robin & Les Enfants to begin the party planning process well in advance so we are able to help with a magnificent party full of memories to last a lifetime.