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Cute baby alert!

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Photograph of cute baby on white background, smiling and happy

If this one doesn’t deserve an “Awwww!”, I don’t know what does.

One of the great things about our studio is that we get to meet some lovely people. Joanna and her family were fantastic to photograph. They hadn’t really considered getting family portraits taken until they met us at one of the events we were at over the summer. Joanna says, “Since then, we’ve seen Julia Boggio adverts all over the place!”

Joanna also said, “Everyone tells you that time goes past too quickly with a baby, and it really does, so capturing this moment in time is really special.

“We were made to feel so welcome and comfortable that the whole shoot was great fun from start to finish. Our photographer was Hollie. She was lovely – very bubbly and with a real knack at putting us all at ease. The photos she took were unbelievable. I cried looking at the shots when we came to view them as they are so perfect.”

When asked how she would describe her experience, Joanna said, “Professional, fun and memorable.” Thank you, Joanna! We loved having you and your gorgeous family in the studio and we hope to see you again soon.

Fun Questions
How old is your baby?
She’s 6 months old
What’s her favourite toy?
She LOVES her monkey, Mr Herbert. He can always put a smile on her face.
What’s her favourite book?
She doesn’t really have favourite books yet, but she likes to try and help turn the pages when we read to her.
What’s your favourite children’s book?
Daddy likes ‘A Mini Called Zak’, although he suspects Baby isn’t so keen…
What’s her favourite food?
Anything with sweet potatoes or bananas in is usually a hit. Though more of it goes on her face than in her mouth at the moment!
What’s your best parenting advice?
All babies really need is food, warmth, and love. Anything else is just a bonus.

Baby sitting in vintage luggage with toy monkey