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A Vintage Newborn Photoshoot

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There has been a baby boom recently and we have been photographing lots of gorgeous newborns and their families.  I absolutely love shooting newborn babies as it is such a precious time for the families.  It is such a privilege to photograph these families as they get to know the newest member.

newborn baby asleep on a chair

Today’s family of the week saw us at the Duckpond Market in Richmond before they were expecting.  “We had seen the vintage nursery image a while back, before we were expecting and fell in love with it! Once we knew we were expecting ourselves we knew we had to come and have that shot taken for ourselves!”

As soon as their little boy arrived they came in for their newborn shoot at the studio.  Baby James was adorable and it was so obvious that both Danielle and Darren were completely smitten with him.  newborn baby with a cute hat

“James is a very special baby, we had to go through a lot to get him having tried to fall pregnant for 5 years, and finally conceiving through IVF so we wanted to capture this special time for us. We see this shoot as the beginning really and hope to have some lovely pictures throughout James’ childhood!”

James was great during the shoot and we got the vintage nursery shot that Danielle had dreamed of as well as getting some adorable shots of him with our suitcases.  Danielle and Darren loved the shoot. “It was great fun. There were lots of Ahhhh moments too and it was a lovely thing to do as a family! Plus the props are amazing and we could dress James up (which I’m sure he won’t thank me for when he is older!)”

newborn baby in suitcases wearing a top hat

Danielle and Darren had seen our work up at Kingston hospital, where they had James, as well as at the market and were keen to not only get the vintage nursery shot but also the gorgeous shots of James curled up on the blankets.  During their time at the studio we managed to get James asleep so that we could get these gorgeous shots for them.

newborn baby asleep in dad's arms

I really enjoyed working with Danielle and Darren to get the shots of James.  It took a little bit of time to get him asleep but once we did we got some “super cute photos” that I know they will treasure for years to come.

newborn baby sleeping

We asked Danielle to sum up their time with us at the studio;

“Everyone at the studio were lovely people, very professional and really accommodating! You’ve moved things around to fit us in for both the shoot and the viewing and we are really grateful for it.

Katy, aka the baby whisperer, was our photographer. Typically James wasn’t on his best behaviour and Katy was amazing with him! You can tell Katy loves getting those magic moments on film, and we had a great afternoon with her.”

newborn baby asleep in vintage suitcases

Fun questions:

How old is your baby?

One whole month!!

What’s his favourite toy? (if he has one yet…or maybe your favourite toy of his?)

He doesn’t have a fav toy yet but loves looking at our vase of flowers! He spends hours chatting away to it and laughing at the colours.

What’s his favourite book? (or your favourite one that you’re looking forward to reading to him?)

Our bookshelf is full already! Darren bough the whole Waterstones children’s section before James arrived! We are looking forward to reading all the classics to him.

What’s your favourite children’s book?

We love the Rold Dahl books, and Winnie the Pooh too!

What’s his favourite food?

Milk…. And lots of it! He’s our bruiser boy!

What’s your favourite parenting advice?

Be calm! You’ll find your own way. All baby needs is what you can give them. Cherish every second. The time goes so quickly!