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Returning for newborn shoot with baby number 2

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There is really nothing we love more as a studio than to see families come back to us year after year.

I have been working at Boggio Studios now for 3 years & the part that I enjoy the most is getting to know the families who come to have the key times in their lives photographed. It is such a privilege to be such a special part of each family’s life.

newborn baby in suitcase with pearls
Baby Honor in 2012


We were first introduced to Alison through Cupcake Family Club in Parsons Green a few years ago and were thrilled to hear that her family was going to have a new addition at the end of March. We couldn’t wait to see how much Honor had grown since I had photographed her newborn shoot in 2012.

black & white photo of newborn baby
Honor’s first shoot with mum & dad in 2012


Alison and Nick were looking for images to capture the fragility, innocence and preciousness of their new born, and with such a laid back little man like Rufus, I think we were able to achieve this for them.

newborn baby looking over shoulder
Rufus’ newborn shoot in 2014


He was perfect 12 day old gentleman, sleeping for most of his individual portraits. He was a very relaxed baby and very chilled out when he was awake for the family shots. We managed to re-create some of the shots done with Honor as a newborn as well as some very sweet shots of the proud big sister and new baby brother together.


Alison describes her experiences at Boggio Studios as, “totally stress free, no time pressure, warm and friendly” and said that she enjoyed our professionalism, and ability to achieve impeccable and consistent results, but with an entirely non-corporate, family friendly approach.

newborn family photograph with toddler

We are seeing more & more families returning to us to have a shoot with their 2nd or 3rd children. We are also seeing couples, whose weddings we have photographed, coming to us for the next exciting stage in their lives, celebrating the start of their new family with a pregnancy & newborn shoot.


I absolutely love watching the families grow & being able to create such wonderful memories that we know will stay in their families for generations.

There is definitely something very special about doing a newborn shoot & then photographing them a year on for their 1st birthday. It is then wonderful to get a call to say that baby number two has arrived & they would love to come in as a family for another newborn shoot.

newborn baby in suitcase with toddler sister
Proud big sister with her newborn brother


As a family run studio we are very proud that we are becoming known, by families, as their family photographer to photograph those important & precious stages.

Tells us a little more about your shoot:

1. Who was your photographer and what was she like?

Katy was our photographer. She was gentle, friendly, experienced, proactive and respectful of our wishes.

2. How old are your children?

Rufus was 12 days old for his shoot and Honor was 21 months

3. How would you describe your experience in three words?

Relaxed, delightful, successful


Fun Questions:

What’s their favourite books?
Honor’s favourite book is Green Eggs and Ham, Dr Seuss

What’s your top parenting tip?
Relax, you’re the boss – they can’t fire you.

What’s your favourite family spot?
Hurlingham Club

What’s your favourite kids clothing brand?
Neck and Neck