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Newborn portraits at home

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Luxury portraits for your new arrival in the comfort of your home

We pride ourselves in being London’s top luxury photography company for families and love capturing the first moments with a new arrival. Newborn portraits are a beautiful way to document the very early days between you and your child so where better to do this than your home?

Julia Boggio London photographer

Julia first met Priya and her family over Christmas at George in Mayfair, London and soon got in touch to arrange a portrait shoot in their home after the arrival of their son.

For the sleepy, curled up newborn shots you have seen from us on our website and our Instagram, we recommend booking in ahead of time so we are able to organise your shoot within the first 10 days. This family’s shoot took place around 2 months after birth and while there is more limits on the type of shots we are able to achieve at this age, it’s wonderful to be able to document the fast changes as Priya mentions.

“I didn’t manage to get the new born pictures but there were so many new changes and expressions developing that I wanted to capture those […] There are certain moments expressions and contact that you capture that are so natural either in a look or a smile.  You can’t really get a baby to “pretend” that when you look back at the pictures you feel overwhelmed with joy.”

Baby portraits Mayfair

“Oh, Julia was great she was very calm and patient.  In fact, when Julia came by the house, the baby was exhausted but despite this she got some excellent shots. You simple could not tell! She was happy to wait while he snacked a bit and went over the time she had set.” 

When asked what Priya would say to parents thinking about booking a photo shoot she replied,

“I would say it’s something that once you’ve done you’ll always cherish!”

Mother son portraitintimate newborn portraits

Family Fact File

Favourite family spot in London

Since the baby is very young we tend to take him more for walks in the park we have some lovely parks around us.

Best parenting tip

As a first time parent I would totally agree with the cliched advice of be calm and trust your instinct when it comes to your baby. Enjoy every day as everyday they change take lots of videos and photos to remind yourselves of the smiles they put on your face each day 

Favourite children’s clothing brand

I loved Kissy Kissy for when the baby was just born.  The material is super soft for their delicate skin.

Best photographer for newborns in London