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Guide to Newborn Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Newborn Portrait Photography Shoot?

Celebrating a tiny new addition to your family is a very special time indeed. As experienced photographers with a reputation for creating stunning artistic and personal portrait photography, you can rely on Boggio Studios to capture your little one’s perfection beautifully in every shot. Taken within the first 10 days after the birth of your new baby, a professional newborn photo shoot can create some truly stunning images and memories that you will want to treasure forever.

What is the best age for a newborn photography session?

Ideally, you should book your newborn photo session to take place when your baby is between 5 and 15 days old. During this early time, babies typically sleep deeply for much of the day, usually only waking for a feed. What’s more, very young infants are very flexible, meaning they can be placed into a variety of adorable newborn style poses. After around 2 weeks, babies are generally too awake to pose and the opportunity is lost.

When should I book my newborn photo shoot?

To avoid disappointment, it is a good idea to make a provisional booking based on your due date, which can be confirmed/rescheduled later if necessary. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your shoot. While you can obviously never predict the exact date of arrival, it’s always better to be in contact with our team earlier rather than later. We suggest around your 20 week scan is a good time to get in touch.

Where does the photo session take place?

A newborn photography session can be arranged to take place in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home. Of course, we will bring all props, professional photography and lighting equipment needed. If you prefer to have your newborn baby photographed in a studio setting, please feel free to discuss this with us.


How should I prepare for a newborn photo shoot at home?

For photography sessions at home, all we ask is that your home is heated sufficiently for your baby to feel comfortable without any clothes on. Newborns look cutest in their birthday suits, and a warm environment is essential for your little one to be settled and fast asleep while the session is in progress. It would also be helpful if your little angel has just had a feed, so will be ready to drop off to sleep just as we’re getting started.

What will happen during the photo session?

A newborn photography shoot should be a calm and relaxing experience. The photographer will take his time getting the perfect shot of your little darling, being careful to pose the baby into many different positions while using a selection of sets and props. Above all, you can rest assured that we are very experienced in handling newborn babies, with safety always being Boggio Studios’ first and foremost priority.

The environment will likely be too hot for you and the photographer, but the perfect temperature for a naked and contented baby. Should your newborn cry, need comforting, a feed or cleaning up, of course it’s absolutely fine to pause the session to attend to your little one’s needs.

How long will the session last?

You should allow at least 2 hours for your newborn photo shoot. Babies can be unpredictable and may need time out for feeding, nappy changing or settling as required. We will work around the needs of your little one at all times to ensure a calm, pleasant and relaxing experience for all.

When will my images be ready to view?

After the photo shoot, it will take approximately 1 week for your gallery of images to be ready to view. While the exact number of pictures depends on the individual photo shoot, the average number of images in a gallery is around 40-60. As part of our newborn photoshoot package, we offer a viewing consultation at your home where you can make a selection of the images you wish to order.

What is included in the newborn photography package?

In order to cater for the requirements of most clients, our package includes a telephone consultation, a 2-hour photo shoot, and a viewing consultation to choose images. Select a package with either 5 or 10 retouched digital portraits included. You will be able to make further purchases at your viewing if you so wish. Many of our clients decide to get an album from the shoot.

What do I need to do next?

If you are thinking about your baby’s first few days in the big wide world and wish to discuss a newborn photography shoot with our experienced team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ask us anything, check our availability and book a date for your shoot. Boggio Studios can be reached on 020 7042 9777 or via the Contact Form on our website.