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Bump to Baby – Your questions answered!

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More often than not, we find that families who are looking to book in a pregnancy shoot with us would also hope to have their newborn photographed as well. Needless to say, there are generally lots of unknowns and questions that need answering before they book in both types of shoots.

For this reason, we have compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions and helpful answers so you can discover all you need to know about both pregnancy & newborn shoots at Boggio Studios.

Maternity photoshoot Chelsea

1. When is the best time to come in for a pregnancy shoot?

Pregnancy shoots are a beautiful way to remember being pregnant and capture your bump in all its glory. For this reason, we usually suggest booking this session around 32-36 weeks (into your pregnancy). This would be our recommendation, although we know each pregnancy is very different. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable, so these shoots are best to do while you are still able to move around quite easily.

Luxury pregnancy photography south west London

2. Can my family join in on part of the pregnancy shoot?

Of course! We love it when a toddler, older children, husbands, other family join in on these shoots. They can stay for the full hour or stop by for a few photos if they wish – it is all up to the type of images you would like from the session.

Family baby bump shoot London

3. Do you have hair & makeup available for these shoots?

Yes, we can certainly have one of our talented hair and makeup stylists join us to make sure you are looking your absolute best. This would be an additional charge and would need to be arranged in advance so please let us know if you would like to add this to your experience.

Pregnancy shoot London SW3

4. What do I have to bring to the studio?

We have our lovely fabrics and some beautiful nightgowns in our wardrobe, but if you are looking to have more clothed pregnancy shots taken in your shoot, we recommend bringing along a few of your favourite maternity outfits that really show off your shape. Our photographers are always happy to help with the styling if you aren’t sure what would be best.

Baby photoshoot SW3

5. What is the best age to do a newborn shoot?

We recommend doing the newborn shoot in the first 10 days of the baby’s life. When babies are in those first few weeks they spend a lot of time sleeping and still curl up into very sweet poses, which makes them a lot easier to pose for the shots that we want to capture.  After two weeks babies go through a growth spurt and will start stretching their arms and legs and will not be as amenable to curling up for a picture or sleeping as soundly.

Studio newborn portrait shoot London

6. When should we book in our newborn shoot?

Because we recommend that newborn shoot should happen in the first 10 days of the baby’s life we suggest that families call to pencil in a date for the shoot as soon as possible.  Ideally we like to have shoots booked in a few months before the baby is born.  Once you’ve had your 20 week scan and you know everything is going well give us a call!


 7. What if the baby arrives early or late?

Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t appear on the due date…they rarely do so once you are pencilled into our diary we can work around the date when your baby arrives.  We will give you a call as your shoot date approaches and find out how things are going.  If we need to push the date back a few days we can do that no problem. As soon as your little one arrives give us a call and we can get the shoot date confirmed.

Luxury newborn photographers London

8.  What happens if our baby is a week old and we have only just decided to do a newborn shoot?  Can we call to book in a shoot?

We hate to turn away any client who calls to book in a shot but if you leave the newborn booking until after the baby has been born we may be fully booked and unable to schedule you in. We stick to our 10 day old rule for the newborn baby so we will do everything we can to get your shoot booked in but in order to not be disappointed please book in your newborn shoot a few months before they arrives.

Newborn and toddler photoshoot Chelsea

9. Where does the shoot take place?

We can do the shoot either in your home (no extra charge for within the London area) or at our Wimbledon Studio. It all depends on where you would rather do the shoot so the choice is yours.

In the studio we have a wide range of props and set ups, which we can use for the shoot, unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to bring all those to your home.

At your home you have your own comforts around you and you may feel more relaxed here with your little one.  We like to use natural light for the home location shoots so we would ask that you have 1 or 2 lovely light rooms where we can do the shoot for you.

10. How long does the shoot last?

We leave at least 2 hours for a newborn shoot; sometimes it can take a little longer to get those beautiful shots.  In order to get those gorgeous sleepy newborn shots it is important not to rush the shoot so we take our time. If the baby needs to be fed, comforted or have their nappy changed then we want to make sure we have time for that. It is important that there is a lovely calm atmosphere during the shoot so the more relaxed it is the better.

Styled newborn shoot London

11. Do you do newborn shoots on a weekend?

We only do newborn shoots on a week day.  The reason for this is that we need to make sure we have the time for the shoot and not feel rushed because there is another shoot booked in.  Our weekends are full of family shoots so we have more time during the week for our newborn shoots.  We usually find that dads are on paternity leave for a few weeks after the baby arrives so it is fairly easy to book in a week day for the shoot.

Mum and baby photoshoot SW6

12. What do I need to bring to the shoot?

More often than not we take naked shots of the babies so there is no need to bring a large selection of outfits for them.  Of course we will do some family shots with the baby in an outfit so you can bring something for the baby to wear but the most adorable newborn shots are the naked ones where you can see them curled up with their very cute hands and feet.  If you do choose to bring an outfit for the baby then make sure it doesn’t swamp them as you don’t want to loose them in the clothing.

We often recommend bringing a change of clothes for mum and dad.  Babies have a tendency to pee, poo and puke during the shoot.  (Every baby does this so please don’t worry about it, we’re used to it. : ) ) This can happen on our backgrounds/blankets or on mum and dad.  Our backgrounds/blankets can be cleaned up easily but you may not want to travel home in dirty clothes after the shoot

Clothing for mum and dad – we recommend you wear dark clothes as these always look very classic in the shoot.  We like to do skin on skin shots with each of you and your little one (if you are comfortable with this) so wearing tops that are easy to remove are good options.

We also suggest that you bring spare nappies, wipes and formula if you are bottle-feeding.

Luxury newborn photography London

13. Should we feed the baby before we arrive?

We often suggest that you feed the baby when you get to the studio as they will hopefully drop off and fall asleep ready for their close ups.  Taking a baby out of the car seat and then removing their clothes wakes them up so taking some time to do a top up feed can help them to drop off and be perfect models for the shoot.  If we are coming to you for the shoot then undress the baby down to their nappy, and wrap them up to feed them before your photographer arrives.  This means that once the photographer has set up for the shoot your new little one will be sleepy and ready for his/her shots without having to undress them and disturb them.

Newborn shoot Chelsea SW3

14. How do you make sure the baby is comfortable?

Our newborn photographers are very experienced in photographing and handling tiny babies.  We take great care in ensuring that the environment for the shoot is right for the baby.  We keep the area warm and have soft music/white noise playing which can calm the baby (and the parents). We never make the baby go into a pose which they are not happy with and are very happy to take our time so that no one feels rushed into getting the perfect shots.

Luxury family and newborn photography London

If you are expecting then please give us a call on 020 7042 9777 or email Rebecca at to book in your pregnancy or newborn (or both!) shoot. We have some fabulous packages for combining the two shoots or just having one of the two, so be sure to get in touch!