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Baby Sofia’s First Birthday Card

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First birthday card design from Julia Boggio Studios

I met Sofia’s mummy while doing pregnancy yoga at Gina Conway in Wimbledon. I’ve been photographing Baby Sofia since she was in her mother’s tummy; in fact, when I first did Michelle’s pregnancy shoot, I was two weeks further along than she was.

Since then, we’ve seen Baby Sofia back in our Wimbledon family portrait studio many times. I thought I’d share the fun birthday party invitation and the baptism card that we created for her. We did our infamous Baby Eats Cake birthday shoot for her. Watch out, mama: your baby loves chocolate!

Inspiration for first birthday party by Julia Boggio

Here are a few words from her mummy on the experience:

“Your Little One’s first birthday only happens once in your lifetime, so it is fitting that you do it in style. That has been my motto since I have been pregnant with my now 11-month-old daughter Sofia. This is how my thinking went: I was only pregnant once with my first child, so hey…let’s get a pregnancy shoot. You only give birth once to your first-born, so hey…let’s get a newborn shoot. You are only baptised once (I think), so hey…get a baptism invite shoot, and last but not least, you are only 1, once in your life, so what the heck, have a shoot for your party invitation.

Baptism invitation inspiration by Julia Boggio

“It’s mad, but let me tell you: once you experience a Julia Boggio shoot, (the studio/gallery, after care) and the most amazing portraits, you would be addicted to them, too. Everything is so intimate, stylish yet warm, as if you are in your best friend’s living room. They are simply the most down to earth, yet über talented studio I have come across. Just check out their family of the month shoots. Where else can you find this kind of creativity mixed with such a sense of family? There is only one place, Julia Boggio Studios. Now here is to my next shoot: the 1st birthday party one. I really have to stop, or my husband will kill me ;-)”

Please don’t stop, Michelle! We always have a good time when you come into the studio and, of course, we love Baby Sofia, too. Looking forward to the party.

Birthday party props by Stylish Party Bazaar