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All the April Bunnies

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Every April we have a bunny or two pay us a visit for some portraits

Spring is full of beautiful blossoms and by the time April rolls around we have had heaps of beautiful outdoor shoots around London. This time of year also brings out bunny related shoot styling which is always adorable.

Newborn bunny outfit London

Bunny ears for baby photoshoot

Using props in photo shoots is certainly a personal preference and often times, we will suggest trying looks in a shoot with clients that perhaps they don’t know if they will ‘love.’ The beauty of our time in and out of the studio is that we leave plenty of time to try a variety of shots. We find more often than not clients are thrilled with shots that weren’t on their must have shot list. We have been doing this for a very long time and urge our clients to let us guide you through the shoot with poses, lighting and maybe trying out a prop or two!

Tasteful newborn photography

That being said, with the conversations we have with clients before their shoot, we have a pretty good idea of their preferred style, colour preferences and what will be best to achieve the result they are looking for.

We adore Pinterest for this purpose as it aids in the creative process of planning a shoot and thinking about what it is you really do want from your shoot. You might even find something completely new that inspires you in a whole other way! You can find some of our other tips for planning a shoot from our blog, here.

Love all the baby props and outfits? Check out one of our past shoots that really had some fun with dressing up in the studio!

Lamb outfit for babiesCute newborn photoshoot ideasFox knit outfit for newborn

Julia’s use of props in shoots is always stylish, playful and often will really bring a shoot together adding a bit of variety to a series and maybe even create a balanced arrangement of images for your final result.

And remember, bunnies are not only for April! If you would like to find out more about incorporating props into your newborn, baby or family shoot and discuss shoot options, be sure to give us a ring on 020 7042 9777 or email us on .

April newborn photography