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A Little Man of Many Faces

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This week’s family were excited to be involved in our new concept Imagination shoots. Here your children can be whatever they desire, be that super hero or sailor.

Here at our family photography studio we are always excited when clients tell us they want to include props and costumes! This week’s family first hear about us at Babylist, on a trip made to choose their first child’s nursery. “We mentioned that we were looking for a good photographer for some pregnancy photos as well as shortly after the birth. The team there showed us an example album of Boggio Studios and really loved its fun, family style.”


Stephen and Nathalie (Mum and Dad) add that “We booked a photo shoot during that same trip and thought nothing more of it until we visited the studio just before the birth of our son. Upon visiting the studio for the first time we decided that Boggio Studios was for us. The easy going, fun and friendly atmosphere captured us straight away.

“The Pictures that We Treasure”

Nathalie empathises that family portraiture is incredibly important. “Boggio Studios allow us to have special mementos of important events in our lives. We take many pictures ourselves of course, but there is no substitute for having professionals helping to bring quality and creativity to some of the most important pictures that we have taken. They are almost always the ones that go on the walls of our homes and offices, the ones that we treasure.”


“The period of our first pregnancy, the birth of our son and his first birthday have all been captured in unforgettable pictures, ones that if we had done ourselves would not have been so special. We enjoy the idea that our son will be able to enjoy his family pictures and be proud to show them off.”

“Perfect Pictures and an Unforgettable Experience”

The couple were also kind enough to mention that they loved the friendly and easy-going atmosphere of our studio, and in particular their photographer Julia. “Julia often came up with original shots which resulted unforgettable pictures.” ”


“The patience of the photographers, especially the pregnancy and newborn shoots made us all feel very welcome at the studio. The friendly nature extends right through to the wonderful viewings we have enjoyed in order to select the very best pictures (it’s nearly impossible to choose one over another in our experience).”

“Leaving Us Speechless”

Stephen adds “A Boggio Studios shoot for us invariably results in perfect pictures that often leave us speechless at their beauty. We would always let people know that they should be prepared to struggle when choosing from all of the amazing pictures but the great team at the studio will have them leaving with an unforgettable experience.”


Family Fact File

How old are your children? “We have a boy, who is 16 months old.”

What’s his/her favourite toy? “Any ball that he can kick.”

What’s his/her favourite book? “‘Une belle journée à la Ferme’ (for now).”

What’s your top parenting advice tip? “Be ready for anything.”

Where’s your favourite family spot in London?

“South Kensington as a whole is just so close to all our hearts. We first met there, we got married there and our son was born there. However, since he was born we’ve probably spent more time at Boggio Studios than anywhere else in London.”

What’s your favourite kids clothing brand? “Baby Gap.

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