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Our Pop-Up Studio at Bubble London 2012

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Julia Boggio pop up photography studio at Bubble London, photograph of Fluxling

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Last January, James and I visited a fabulous event called Bubble London, curious to see what it was all about. Bubble is a trade show for children’s fashion, so it’s full of amazing kid’s clothes from around the world. It’s where retailers choose the lines that they’d like to sell for the upcoming season. Some of my favourite labels are there, like Beau Loves, Angel’s Face and Tootsa MacGinty. Thank goodness it’s a trade show or else I might have burned a hole in my bank account buying gorgeous clothes for Baby.

So our people called their people and, lo and behold, James and I travelled to the Business Design Centre in Islington last Monday for June’s Bubble event to create a pop-up photo studio.

Can I just say, the children who came to our stand were some of the best dressed kids I have ever seen, including the lovely poppet at the top of this post in a gorgeous Angel’s Face dress, whose mum is the editor of I suppose that’s to be expected at a show built around children’s fashion, but OH MY GOD! I don’t even dress as well and as coordinated as some of these little guys.

We had a load of fun props and clothes to play with. Here are some of the magnificent kids who I photographed at Bubble:

Julia Boggio Studios at Bubble children's fashion event London

This little French boy was so stylish, it made my wardrobe ache. Skinny jeans and a nautical-themed top – trés chic! So we decided to ruin the look that his mother painstakingly created with some gaudy sunglasses. Ha ha!

Stylish French boy at Julia Boggio pop-up photography studio at Bubble London

And he was really fun to photograph, too. Here are some more of him, sticking it to the British via a bunting tug-o-war.

Julia Boggio photographs French boy at Bubble London

British Children's fashion photographer at Bubble London

Okay, enough of him and his amazing French style!

Posing ideas for kids by Julia Boggio at Bubble London

This little Polish boy knew how to have fun with a balloon. Again with the fabulous outfit and skinny jeans…

Julia Boggio at Bubble London, children's fashion photographer

Unsurprisingly, her mother works in fashion. How cute is she!

Julia Boggio photo shoot at Bubble London, children's fashion

Wearing a frilly top from Angel’s Face, she taught me a thing or two about taking pictures.

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Julia Boggio taking photographs at Bubble with Air Puppy

How strikingly blue are his eyes! And he seems to have found love with an Air Puppy dog.

Julia Boggio childrens fashion at Bubble London

And here’s the “Babe” from Babes About Town blog, sporting some crazy glasses and jump, jump, jumping!

Julia Boggio pop up photo booth at Bubble London

I feel like that top image needs a caption…something like, “Take us to your leader!”

Julia Boggio family photographer and childrens fashion photographer with Angel Face skirt

She looked quite the little princess in her Angel’s Face combo. Loving the tiara!

And because he can’t possible resist when whacky props are involved, here are some of James, the biggest kid I know.

James Derbyshire and Julia Boggio at Bubble London

You can also read Bubble’s Q&A interview with me on their blog, Bubble & Speak.

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2 thoughts on “Our Pop-Up Studio at Bubble London 2012

  1. The whole experience at the studio was fantastic. We were made to feel really comfortable during the shoot. In the past I have had photo shoots and often I have felt self concious and uncomfortable and I have been unimpressed with the end result.
    Upon Viewing our images at Julia Boggio Studios nothing is too much trouble, We sat down in a gorgeous and comfortable room whilst my son played with toys which were provided.
    As soon as I saw the images displayed on a large screen I started to cry, never before had I seen such wonderful pictures which captured my family and our personalities in a natural state.
    In the future, as my family grows I will be booking another shoot and I have no hesitation in recommending the whole experience to all my friends.

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