Social Media Manager


Family portraits are an important part of our history.

After spending the last 5 years in London, I have recently returned to the great Canadian north (yes, it is cold here – but we’ve got summer too…) where I originally had come from.

Working with Boggio Studios for the past few years has been brilliant and I wasn’t really ready to give it up. Although I miss the British lifestyle and mushy peas, luckily I am still able to manage our social media channels and write for our Boggio blog from North America – the wonders of the internet, hey?

My parents still think my job is basically playing on my phone and going on Facebook to watch corgi videos, but I can assure you there is work involved!

Along with being a social media addict and the online voice of Boggio Studios, I’m currently working on multiple entrepreneurial projects and making it big in the equestrian world (#ponypower).