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The Teen Years


An experience that inspires a sense of individuality and confidence in those sitting between childhood and adulthood

Teenagers seem to come from nowhere. One moment she's playing with dolls, the next minute she's 'styling' their hair by cutting it all off. And the next moment…well, the next moment she's left the nest.

So not only is a teenage fashion shoot an ideal gift for your teen, it's the ideal gift for you, and absolutely perfect if she or he just finished exams and is heading off to uni or having a gap year travelling.


Behind the Scenes

"My daughter is very shy about having her photo taken, so I suggested she just turn herself over to the team, let them do whatever they think is best to her make-up and hair, let them make the decisions on her wardrobe and trust them to guide her in every aspect of the shoot because if she looks good, they look good. Amazingly, she took my advice and when we left she was buzzing with excitement about how much fun she had."

Michelle Garrett

"I liked seeing what happens behind the scenes in a shoot, how different props and settings are put together to create the final image. That was fun. I also loved the photos!"

Michelle's daughter, Alice

Our teen fashion shoots help to capture your teen or tween as they are during this special time in a safe and nurturing studio environment. During the experience, our make up artist will offer up tips and tricks while the photographer will style the shoot and guide your teen into relaxed poses. Even the most nervous teens at the beginning of the experience leave feeling like Cara Delevigne or Brooklyn Beckham.

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Costs & Packages

From our experience, many of our clients like to purchase a package that includes the shoot plus some product, usually digital images. This gives them better initial value than purchasing the shoot and products à la carte, although most go on to buy more at their viewing. If you are interested in purchasing everything separately, then we are happy to talk you through our prices.



If you want to give your shoot that extra polish, then we can organise any of the below for you with our experienced team.


£650 per day

For the full shoot experience, we highly recommend having a stylist on board. A stylist can help to source clothes and props for your shoot; she can even go shopping with you to help you choose outfits. Book early as there is limited availability for this service.

Extra shooting time

£150 per hour

If you would like more time for your studio or location shoot, then just add on as much time as you think you'll need.

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