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Baby's First Year


Capture those precious early milestones in a year when babies change from week-to-week

As they grow up so fast, babies are probably the most photographed members of the family. But, nowadays, these are often just digital snaps that rarely see the light of day.

A baby portrait photo shoot is all about creating a work of art. It's about creating a portrait of your little one that is so exquisite, so breathtaking, so heart-stopping that your family will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over it for generations to come.


Behind the Scenes

"Once you experience a Boggio Studios shoot (the studio/gallery and after care) and the most amazing portraits, you would be addicted to them, too. Everything is so intimate, stylish yet warm, as if you are in your best friend's living room. They are simply the most down to earth, yet über talented studio I have come across. Now here is to my next shoot: the 1st birthday party one. I really have to stop or my husband will kill me."

Michelle Crossan Matos

Our baby shoots last for one hour in the studio or two hours on location. The best times to photograph babies in the first year are:

  • Around 3 months when they are really good at tummy time
  • Around 6 months when they can sit up unaided
  • Around 9 months when they start to crawl/shuffle
  • Around 1 year to celebrate the first birthday with a cake smash shoot

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Costs & Packages

From our experience, many of our clients like to purchase a package that includes the shoot plus some product, usually digital images. This gives them better initial value than purchasing the shoot and products à la carte, although most go on to buy more at their viewing. If you are interested in purchasing everything separately, then we are happy to talk you through our prices.



If you want to give your shoot that extra polish, then we can organise any of the below for you with our experienced team.

Hair & Make-up in studio


Basic hair and make-up to help give you an extra bit of polish for the shoot. Includes extra eyelashes to make eyes pop. 

Hair & Make-up on location


Basic hair and make-up for location shoots in London to help give you an extra bit of polish for the experience. Includes extra eyelashes to make eyes pop. Available 7 days a week. Up to a half-day attendance by artist.


£650 per day

For the full shoot experience, we highly recommend having a stylist on board. A stylist can help to source clothes and props for your shoot; she can even go shopping with you to help you choose outfits. Book early as there is limited availability for this service.

Extra shooting time

£150 per hour

If you would like more time for your studio or location shoot, then just add on as much time as you think you'll need.

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