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Fine art photography for children

Fine art photography is not just for models

We are currently living in the era of mobile phone cameras, but that phone will never compare to classic fine art photography. Luckily, we offer just that and we adore the results.

Fine Art photography London

While it’s valuable to capture day to day moments with any camera available, we believe that having portraits taken professionally is important. Depending on the age of your children and the time you have available, getting those day to day shots might even be a struggle. Booking in for a fine art shoot will hand the task of capturing your family to Julia Boggio herself and our team will help with the details.

These shoots are completely bespoke and will cater to what you are looking for. All shoots have a timeless and classic quality to them but we love tailoring the session to your specific taste. For our fine art shoot, clients opt for our team to organise a stylist, hair and makeup artist as well as source props. For this lovely family, we organised to have beautiful flower crowns made up as an addition to a few hair changes.

Ballet photoshoot for kidsperfect outfit for boys suits for little boys LondonFlower crown for girls photoshoot

Painted backdrops as well as darker shades were used as per the client’s request. We love the affect the deeper tones have to bring the different shots together.

Boxing photos for little boysBallet shoot Julia BoggioFun shoot for ballerinas London

We can’t ever really be completely serious in a shoot with children, however. Julia finds it essential to add that bit of fun to keep everyone interested and enjoying themselves. This shoot was intended for the two older siblings, but we managed to get a few fun shots with the littlest addition as well!

Sibling photoshoot with Julia BoggioBoggio Studios family photographyShould you wish to organise a fine art portrait shoot for you and your family, please call or email us to discuss availability. We do book these sessions in advance so do get in touch to avoid any disappointment.

We can’t wait to create something completely bespoke for you.



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Book a shoot, find out available studio dates or just learn more about us