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Photographing babies during ‘The Magic Moment’

There is a perfect time for photographing babies and it’s before they can crawl!

Taking (beautiful) portraits of babies is tricky business. Anyone who has told you otherwise is pulling your leg. There are of course a number of key factors you have a certain amount of control over when going about this baby photos shoot venture. Here are some top tips to help you along.

Julia Boggio photographing babies


1. Plan your shoot with us when baby is most likely to be awake and happy.

We know babies don’t run like clockwork so this might be hard to get right, but if they do have a schedule, use it to your advantage! Planning a photo shoot right before baby has a nap or lunch isn’t ideal.

2. Discuss your expectations for your session with us when you book.

Depending on baby’s age, there might be limitations for photo shoots. If your little one hasn’t started with much tummy time it could be worth booking further into the diary. You can read about what we consider our ‘milestone ages’ here.

Which then brings me to my next and final point…

3. Always book in to see us for a photo shoot when baby is anywhere from 6 to 8 months old.

We are totally in love with this age from a photographic standpoint. Around this time babies are usually very expressive, smiling from ear to ear, pudgy and aren’t yet crawling and/or walking. That last bit is the key – we’re calling it the ‘Magic Moment’ because it sure doesn’t last long! As you can imagine, it is much easier (and fun for everyone involved) to photograph a still, content baby rather than one that is running/crawling/ army-crawling in and out of the shot.

Get in touch today to start planning your 6-8 month shoot with your little one. As always, booking in advance is recommended for both studio shoots & home sessions. You can reach us on 020 7042 9777 or emails us on 

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Book a shoot, find out available studio dates or just learn more about us